what is a hydraulic table!
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The most common and popular industrial lift commonly known in people are hydraulic table and pallet trucks. Hydraulic table is also known as hydraulic scissor lift table. Normally the table seems like a complicated piece of equipment, but in real the table is very simple in its style and design. Some of the major components of Hydraulic table are as follows:


The platform is the top of the lift Hydraulic table where all the lifted products sit. The table can be available in variety of sizes. A customer can buy the one according to their choice and requirement.


The base is the bottom of the Hydraulic table that rests on the floor. The base area of Hydraulic table contains the track on which the scissor legs can travel in.

Scissor legs in hydraulic table

The scissor legs in hydraulic table are the perpendicular members that let the platform to modify their position according to the choice of customer.

Hydraulic cylinder

The most common types of developed scissors lifts are actuate by one, two or three single performing hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinder allows you to change the position of the table like lower position, lifting position or medium one.

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